Laughing Gull Chicks

I was at the beach capturing some images of Laughing Gull (Leucophaeus atricilla) chicks on Thursday morning. I get a text around 10:24 AM from Silke asking me if we had lost power here. I text her back… “I dunt know at beach 2 take pics of chicks.” After what I thought was my reply, I started thinking… Um… That didn’t sound too good. Oh well. She should know me well enough by now that I meant baby seagulls, not some summer hotties in scantily clad bathing suits. Right?

My name is Luka – I live on the second floor 🎶

Anyways… She calls me on her lunch break:

S: Did you get my texts?
D: Yes I did dear.

S: Did the power go off there?
D: Well… The clocks aren’t reset so I’d say no.

D: Did you get the text that I sent you?
S: No. I didn’t get any text from you.

D: Hum. That’s odd. I’m fairly sure I hit the send button. I’ll have to check it out when I get off the phone with you.

Continuing our lunchtime conversation, I told to her what I had sent to her. I’m like, “You do know that I mean seagull chicks… Right?” She says, “Sure you do honey.” After a quick laugh together we ended our convo by wishing each other a good afternoon. After our Afternoon Delight Polite, I checked my messages to find out why she didn’t receive my text. It was a rather simple explanation as you may notice; via the screen capture above – I simply didn’t tap on the send button. Doh!

No matter. I got a strong alibi. The following images are all the proof anybody should require of what kind of chicks I was really taking pictures of 😉

Who is that guy over there and what is he doing?

A young’n learning the ropes.

Mom… mom… mom… mom… dad?

Enjoying the pleasures of a salt life.

About Cute

Splish splash, this baby’s taking a bath

An adult LG getting in on some cooling down action.

It’s been a scorcher here lately. Y’all staying cool and comfortable? I sure hope so.

Happy Friday and have yourselves a nice weekend 😀


Port A Pictures

There are a lot of gray days round these parts. Whenever I get to witness some of that beautiful blue color in-between a few fluffy cotton balls, I’m a happy camper. Needless to say, I wasn’t much into the capturing of images on this beautiful day.  However, I did snap a few to share with you. Besides taking a walk on the beach, there’s much more for you to explore in Port A 😀

Keepers – Port Aransas – Fishing Pier

I’m appreciative of natures patterns

Ouch! Watch your step.

A lot of folk fish off of this Jetty

Looks like a pretty sweet boat. There are a lot of those around here

There’s a machine off of the coast of Port A that captures these soft white clouds & makes Q-tips out of them 🙂

A sure sign that you just might be on a Texas beach.

I just like capturing moments under a pier

I would imagine that this place supplies its visitors with some really nice coastal views.

I guess my senses did not require any unnecessary stimuli while in my own little world. It’s difficult for me to pay attention to piddly things when I’m busy navigating my way through the blue skies. I wouldn’t want to run into a airplane or anything. I’m fairly sure that would hurt like heck.

You may say I’m a dreamer… and you’d be right 😉

Going To Port A Today

Port Aransas (TX) is a wonderful place to visit. It’s just a hop, skip, and jump away from us. We enjoy taking the ferry across the bay. The majority of times we are fortunate enough to see some dolphins frolicking about as well as some Long-tailed Grackles that sit on your mirror asking for a handout. The sand is hard-packed so you can drive your car along the beach, which is most awesome. You can even rent a Golf Beach Cart to cruise around in if you like. Most of the locals own their own carts and use them quite frequently around there.

Anyways, my Rebel is packed and ready to go. I’ll be sure to share some of my pictures with y’all tomorrow. Wishing everyone a most beautiful and peaceful Sunday 🙂