Things Have Been Very Trying

If y’all are pissed off at me for my lack of participation lately, sounds like you might have a personal problem. I mean well; believe you me. Now go out there and have yourself a great day… or not!


Image of Dark Matter?

The following picture may be fairly similar to an actual image of dark matter – minus the SFX. It is dark after all…  ¯\_()_/¯

And as an added bonus, I will include the following picture of the Dark Side Of The Moon for your viewing pleasure as well.

Outside of my inner visions and external light sources, I see the exact same thing when I close my eyes. Zilch, Nada, Nut-tin… It is upon the opening of my eyes that this grand illusion before me is a little more believable. I sometimes experience dreams that are so detailed and fluid-like that they appear to be my current reality. But they’re not. Or are they? There’s nothing real about my dreams other than my subconscious creating a sub-illusion within the much larger illusion. What about Deja Vu? Been there, done that! Or have I?

Got some splaining to do? Go ahead… I’m all ears, eyes, water, blood, and a bunch of other stuff… All being held together by black matter of course 😀

I happened to like and agree with another individuals forum comment concerning scientific research anymore…

“Dark matter is what happens when scientist adopt, religiously, a theory called the Big Bang that requires a secondary theory called inflation to be true …. for IT to be true to begin with …. AND …. the calculations still don’t come out right because of a shortage of matter … and WALLA! … dark matter. It’s real because it science , b*tch.

So without further adoo-doo  Here’s your scoop

The mentioning of The Dark Side Of The Moon left my subconscious no other choice. After all…There’s someone in my head but it’s not me 😉

WTC Oculus – An Untimely Death

First and foremost – Anything related to the WTC is unsettling to me after 9/11. Secondly… Is a hat really worth dying for? Anyways…

Oculus Definition: an eye (As in the all seeing eye?)

Needless to say/share… Woman dies after she falls off escalator inside World Trade Center Oculus while reaching to grab hat

A New Jersey woman plunged to her death from an escalator early Saturday while stretching to grab her twin sister’s falling hat inside the Oculus transit hub, cops said.

The Dumbing Down

I would hate to kill anyone’s chemically induced buzz, but…

Someone —> (SonOfaBeach96) <— mentioned Monsanto the other day after I had commented about people not being that intelligent these days. Why did I make such a statement? Because of the intended poisoning and dumbing down of the human populace. Some of this poisoning is said to be unintentional via accidental spills and such, but even those type of happenings are reasonably questionable.

Over twenty years ago I had said to my father that something was wrong with the food. I told him that it didn’t have the same taste and texture that I had grown accustomed to. He looked at me and said that I was crazy, all the while assuring me that there was nothing wrong with the food. Finding ourselves in the present day, he now completely agrees with what I said way back then. He has been doing some research on his own after experiencing some more recent health issues. I/we knew nothing about Monsanto or the like twenty plus years ago, nor did we have the worlds biggest encyclopedia known as the Internet. The bottom line to me? There something inherently wrong and down right scary about a company that co-created Agent Orange having anything to do with genetically modifying our food supply.

Another consideration is the fluoridation of our water supply. There are natural occurrences of fluoride present in our drinking water. However, why are bags/tubs of this poison being added to our public water supplies in a most unnatural sense? Sodium Fluoride is an industrial waste byproduct from the manufacturing of Aluminum. Have you ever seen the symbols on a bag of this crap? No? Well here is just one example for you…


I’ve also come across reports/stories of lithium intentionally being added to our water supply. Then there are the reports of pharmaceutical drugs that are discarded and leaching into our water supply as well. What about those Fracking chemicals finding their way into our local water tables? Lest we not forget about all of the pesticides and fertilizers that are being used today. They too will eventually end up in our drinking water.

On another note… How about them Chemtrails (Weather Modification)? Yeah, I know. Chemtrails don’t exist and there is no such thing. Right? Are any of us completely sure about that? I’m fairly sure that it’s not a matter of more airplanes in the sky these days as I heard some ‘official’ state not to long ago. I’ve been around quite a few blocks for some length of time now and I have never witnessed anything like it when I was growing up. How about you? I have shared my take on this with y’all here before.

At last, let’s not forget about the common core thing (present day education) and the fact that human history is being re-written in todays indoctrination center textbooks. There is all kinds of interesting stories/information on the current ideologies being injected into young and impressionable minds. All one has to do is look around to find all kinds of interesting stuff to ponder. You might even have a neighbor that has shared what their child had learned or brought home from school that day. I must admit… The most intelligent and respectful children I have ever run across in this day and age are those that have been home schooled. Nuff said about that.

So to give my opinion for your seemingly sarcastic statement of “It’s all Monsanto’s fault” – you’re sarcastically wrong. It’s not all of Monsanto’s fault. There are numerous factors in the great dumbing down of the citizenry involved here.

I try not to come across as a whack-job and I only wear my tinfoil hat on Fridays. TGIF! However, if one would choose to look into things for themselves, they wouldn’t have to rely on or even consider my opinion as anything factual. The great creator gave us minds for a reason. Certainly none of us think completely alike. However, there are those people that simply choose to remain blissfully ignorant. As the late and great George Carlin said, “They don’t want a population of citizens capable of critical thinking. They don’t want well-informed, well-educated people capable of critical thinking. They’re not interested in that. That doesn’t help them. That’s against their interests.”

In conclusion of my thoughts concerning the Monsantrosity…

Nature was never intended to be overly manipulated by mankind. Its been doing its own genetic modifications, rearrangements and self-healing for a very, very, very long time. The best mankind can ultimately do is to screw things up. One of the saddest things about mankind interfering with Mother Nature is their reason for doing so… “Profit” – AKA: Greed.

Grain of salt → [ . ]

Well I’ll Be Darned

There’s nothing here. Gosh darn it! Where did my stuff go? It went bye-bye just like Twitter. Screw that cesspool of morons and wanna-be human beings. Going a different direction here. You’ll either like it or you won’t. Just as long as I like it, that is all that ultimately matters. Thank you for your understanding… or not.