This One Tree

There’s this one Coastal Oak in our resort that had apparently fell over sometime during its earthly upbringing.

However, it refused to succumb to its circumstances.

This tough tree simply reminds me to…

—>>> Never Give Up <<<—

No need for a grumpy Moanday – Make it a great Monday instead 😀

I am grateful for the celebration of another trip around the sun today 😉

Another Beautiful Day

As long as I have breath…
Everyday is a beautiful day
To me…

Pre-Sunrise Skies.

Good morning beautiful sun

It’s such a blessing to see you once again

I was fortunate enough to capture these images last Sunday (05/14/17). It was my first sunrise photo excursion since we’ve been in Rockport, Texas. Breathtakingly beautiful to be sure 🙂

Forward and beyond the current chaos —>

I know it exists. You can’t miss it. I am highly aware of it all. I’m just choosing to trudge through the bad so I can find and focus on the good. Is it possible that I may have traveled into the realm of Cognitive Dissonance? I’m thinking not. I’m just simply trying to find some sunshine through some dark clouds.

Have a happy Saturday Y’all 😀


Never Far Away

A wise man once told me (sorry, I didn’t catch his name) that “In life… You’ve got to take the good with the bad.” Then there was some other complete stranger (didn’t catch his name either) that told me “If life hands you lemons, squeeze them into some conservatives eyeballs.” Wait… Give me a second! I think that guy might have been from California. Oh yeah… That’s right! He was!

Regardless, it was actually a dude from Texas that once told me that “If life hands you lemons, make you some hooch out of that shit!” Wait! Ah nuts! The only thing that I can recall in this moment of time is that some odd being I had crossed paths with told me something about starting a lemonade stand. Oh well! I can recall the majority of my ingrained memories, However, recalling all of the time that made these memories possible… Elusive at best! Life seemingly does flash right before your eyes.

In lieu of a disgruntled mindset and my determination to push aside all of the (-)’s concerning our current RV resort, as well as other crud – (there are plenty of things to complain about; believe you me) – I’ve decided to share some bittersweet lemonade with y’all instead.

One of the most awesome things worth mentioning [on a (+) note] about this here RV resort (I consider it a trailer park) is the abundance of wildlife and the diversity thereof. So many different creatures, so many photo opportunities. When stepping outside, I don’t have to walk very far before discovering  something like…

I am not entirely sure what kind of frog this is. — SO — Your mission, if you wish to accept it, is to assist me in identifying this little bugger 😀

On a silly side note: Does anyone out there remember the game show called “Name That Tune” (?) You do? Wow man! We’ve been around the block a few times 😉 Well anyways, I’m hereby applying a new twist to this old show title. So… without further ado —> “Name That Frog

“I can name that frog in 9 polliwogs Tom”

King Of Spiders?

We happened to be out and walking about towards the end of yesterday. When we came around a corner of one of the cottages here, we ran across this monstrosity. Of course I made a beeline back to our RV to grab my Rebel so I could capture a few images of this incredible creature. Mind you, images are the only way that I would attempt to catch this King of Spiders. It has to be a King. Just look at the Crown it’s wearing 😉

See the face? – ‘Twas a little bit bigger than the size of my palm. Yikes!

It was trippy looking to be sure. The extra swirls in its web is what ultimately stood out to me. That’s besides the thought of “OMG Becky! Would you look at the size of that spidder?” Below are a couple more images/angles for your viewing pleasure.

I sure am glad that we came across this entity on the outside of our RV rather than the inside! Hope y’all don’t get the Heebie-Jeebies from this most awesome creepy crawler. lol

For what it’s worth and if you’re so inclined… Have yourselves a fun-filled Saturday 😀