Pro Trump Rallies

Why is it that those who gather to show their support for Trump do not cover their faces with masks or the like? However, on the flip side, most of those who gather to obstruct these peaceful rallies cover their faces. What do these piss poor excuses for human beings have to hide? Are they embarrassed about their intentions and/or actions? If they’re not, they should be! I thought the covering of ones face was reserved for monsters (AKA: Pussies) in terrorist groups like ISIS or ISIL or whatever they’re calling themselves these days. On that note, maybe these troublemakers are no different than other radical terrorists.

I’ll bet you $ that Mr. Sorry-Ass Soros gets a mile high hard-on watching his hired hands creating chaos. He’s seemingly sick that way and numerous other ways I would imagine.

Thank you to those in Huntington Beach, CA (my old stomping grounds) that were brave enough to stand their ground and bitch-slap a few of these punk-ass goons yesterday! You have my absolute respect. I don’t like violence; nor do I endorse it in an overall sense. However, I understand when it is necessary to set the wrongs to the right.


I appreciate your thoughts...

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