Tweeker Err Um I Mean (T)witter

I do things sometimes for my own reason. Other times there is something else involved helping to send me in the right direction. Needless to say, I am so glad that I broke out of the psychological prison known as (T)witter . Don’t get me wrong, there were a select few who I wouldn’t mind having a cup of coffee and breakfast with, but the others… Holy Jumping Shit Balls! Timing is everything and most often it is not I who is directing the show.

On that note, I read yesterday that (T) will be tightening the free speech noose even more. They even threatened to suspend Trump if he gets a little too loose {(T) has done this in the past}. Just like (F)acebook, which I quit on 9/11/10, if you attempt to stifle my thoughts and control my fidgety  fingers, I simply gotta go. Luckily for y’all, this will give me a little more peace of mind and more time to disturb you 😉

It’s another day with breath. Just for this I am grateful…


4 thoughts on “Tweeker Err Um I Mean (T)witter

  1. Twitter drives me nuts … so I stay the heck away from it. My blog automatically posts to Twitter, but I only actually get on Twitter about once every six months, then I remember why I stayed away, and I carefully back out before one of those people who are following me catches up to me!

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  2. ah, the free speech thing has always been a hoax anyway! No one really wants to know what I think … unless it happens to be in the same train of thought. Someone told me once they “always know what (I) am thinking” meaning he knew what I (me) was thinking. At the time “they” had begun bombing Baghdad, and I probably said something unladylike. Ha! I guess I always was sort of anti-gov, or rather whatever the current administration was….I hate it when they bomb people. just sayin…

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    • I’m trying to figure out what you might be thinking right now, but I’m currently experiencing technical difficulties. Can you please think a little louder? Maybe stand up or go outside as your signal may be a little stronger that way. Thank you in advance. BTW – Bombing people is never cool but that’s how some sick people earn their living. Other than that – It’s so nice to hear from you. Hope you are well. Thank you for your comment/thoughts 😉


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