The Pickle Jar

This (my) country is in a boatload of trouble if people are depending on the opening of a pickle jar for some sort of confirmation of ones present health status. Presidential candidate or not, I don’t ever recall that sort of test while getting a physical exam in the past. I think I remember seeing a quarter of a pickle in a receptionists Styrofoam lunch container before. However, I have never seen a pickle jar in a doctors office, nor has a physician ever asked me to open one.


The opening of a jar of nuts or even a can of worms would’ve been more true to life.

Although I would never wish to acknowledge such an evil accomplishment, I have to give regard where regard might be due… Those who have been working behind the scenes to accomplish the dumbing down of our societies have done a darn good job. So many lost souls wandering about. Zombies everywhere. Some are just a little more animated than others.

“Brains….  More Brains….!”

Coming Soon…. Hillary’s Pickles – The most acidic, bitter & corrupt pickles you’ve ever tasted. Guaranteed!


The Russians Did It

Ah – The Russians do all the bad in the world, but Amerikkka and her fellow slutty Nation Attacking Terrorist Organization allies do no harm to anyone. BTW – Before I forget, I have a bridge for sale. Call 1-800-BULLSHIT for more information.

The neocon psycho warmongering pukes really want to start WWIII with Russia. The latest example to most likely push this agenda even closer is some “Russian Hackers” attacking news media outlets. The Fumbling Bunch of Instigators are currently looking into this latest cyber “Attack” – Although they already had assumed (ass out of you and me) it was Russia.

Anywho… Carry on!

Pardon Tommy Chong

This Petition is written to request that Tommy Chong be granted a full Presidential Pardon.  We believe this to be fair as first the nature of the offense was neither violent nor the cause of any harm to any person or place.  Second, we feel this was done to make an example of Tommy Chong during a period when unfettered persecution took place against those who sought to give adults the choice of whether they wanted to use Cannabis products on a voluntary basis either for medical purposes or recreationally which is now the law in many States and is permissible under the law in other States.

Clicking on the text above will bring you to Tommy’s petition on


Google Wipes Palestine Off the Map, Replaces it with Israel

Here is a screenshot I captured Today (Aug 8, 2016) @ 3:18 PM CST

2016-08-08 15:18:32

H/T – Jay Syrmopoulos

Palestine – Internet giant Google has come under fire from around the world this week, after removing the name Palestine from Google Maps and replacing it with Israel. Interestingly, international mainstream corporate media has completely blacked out any coverage of the incident or the global outrage it has sparked.


The Palestinian Journalists Forum (PJF), in a statement released on Friday in the Middle East Monitor, condemned Google’s decision to remove Palestine from its maps, saying it “is part of the Israeli scheme to establish its name as a legitimate state for generations to come and abolish Palestine once and for all.

The group says the removal of Palestine’s name from the Google Maps was a blatant attempt to undermine Palestinian statehood forever and claims the move is just another attempt to distort history and geography.

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Make America Mexico Again?


Bless this little soul for being used as simple propaganda.

Seriously? When stating such a ludicrous thing it makes me wonder…  Are y’all referring to the country that you fled to come to America? If Mexico is so flipp’n great, then why in the hell did you leave it in the first place?

Make America Mexico Again? Let’s see: Yeah… things are crappy in my home country. I’ll leave it, go to another country and try to make it like the country that I left to begin with. I’m sorry to ask, but what kind of fucking logic is this?

Do you realize what would happen if I ran through a street in Mexico with an American flag proclaiming “Make Mexico America Again?” Would someone not consider this type of behavior as completely disrespectful? Let me fill you in you what would most likely happen to me if I were to do such a thing… I’d end up dead. At the very least, I would certainly get the living shit beat out of me! I know my gov of turds flushed down what they considered the floaters. However upon y(our) return, can you at least be respectful to those who believe in this country and their culture as well? My relatives were displaced just as yours.  Genetically speaking and just for the record, I’m just as Native American as you are. Cherokee/Comanche is in my Familias bloodline.

Interesting how y’all claim racism against others when organizations like La Raza exist. For those who might be unaware, La Raza = “The Race” -/\/\/\- So are we talking about a soap box derby here, a marathon, drag boats, or possibly something else?  Hum…

I try to keep it simple; There is but one race, the human race. The color of ones skin or the origin of that individual matters not. The most simplistic form of integrity and respect towards one another goes a long way. They are playing the “races” against one another. Sadly, there are some who are foolish enough to participate in the divide and conquer game. Good luck with that losing game…

Days of Consideration

As I am sitting here readying up this small presentation for you, I am still at a loss as to the identification of some marvelous birds that have been coming ever so close to me most recently.  It’s truly frustrating not being able to identify these awesome flying beings. However, and for the moment of my recollection, I will choose to remain in a blissful and subdued state of awe. The simple acceptance of such an interesting and unlikely experience has to be first and foremost for me. Then comes the trying to understand it part, which always leads me back to simple acceptance.

The shape of this unknown bird species reminds me of a Harrier Jump Jet when flying away from me. They’re kind of a silky-ish black/purple with some other colored highlights. Their underbellies are a dark grey that seems to change colors depending on your angle of view. I tend to call them skimmers as they are usually flying (Think: Ground Avoidance Radar Here) at a very low altitude consuming insects. They are absolutely gorgeous creatures with quite the personality.

My first up close and personal experience with one of these marvels happened three days in a row; all at about the same time in the morning. This one beauty landed right above me on our power line and started talking my ears off. It was one of the most beautiful sounds I’ve heard most recently. It counseled me for about two minutes and then simply flew away. This little blessing was not frightened by me whatsoever. I only wish I could translate what it was trying to tell me. In a strange yet instinctual (being one with nature) way, I felt it was urgent. I know that might come across as silly to most, but to those who understand… Cheers!

Upon my second experience of this simplistic pleasure, I was standing out front while one of these beauty’s flew by under our carport. I offed up my “Hey Buddy” when it was flying by. This bird then turned around and flew right in front of my face. This wonderful creation was then joined by another of the same and they came around another five times. The first one offered up a single but beautiful communication to me during its flyby. At one point and time I actually stuck my hand out to see if it would land on it.  Well, that didn’t happen, but it seemed like it just might. As they both flew away, I just stood there in a state of wonderment soaking up what just happened to me. I found myself in somewhat of a state of disbelief while thinking to myself, “Did that just really happen to me? Wow! Why?” Alright… that’s enough thinking Damon! Back to simple acceptance.

If anyone has an idea to the identification of these Texas beauties, your input would be greatly appreciated🙂

I Got Nothing (Don’t Take It To Heart)

Howdy all…

Haven’t been much active lately so just a FYI – Yes I’m still alive, have some things in the pipeline, but my fingers seem to be lazy as of late.  My mind is also fogged from all the current nonsensical things.  I just haven’t felt like participating much lately.  Been busy trying to sell our house (honey-do’s) while dealing with some health issues.  Trying to get back to some sort normalcy… I am.

Wishing you all health, happiness, and peace of mind!  Have a good day…