Boerne, Texas

I’m not exactly sure how we ultimately ended up in Boerne (Wie man Boerne ausspricht – “ber-nee”) Texas after Hurricane Harvey, but we couldn’t ask for a more kind and caring community. We are so grateful for the unconditional love and grace that the folks here have shown us. We never imagined running across such beautiful hearts and souls. Good people are an absolute rarity these days and this is why we must offer our praise to them for their unselfish acts…

On a side note – Silke is right where she belongs considering that Boerne and the surrounding communities were all settled by German immigrants. Interesting how things workout sometimes. Is it not?

So, to the beautiful people of Boerne… Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for caring about two complete strangers. Y’all have no idea just how much it means to the both of us. We are truly blessed to be here 🙂




Couldn’t we all use more stories like this? I know I could…


Luther Walker, a 94-year-old crossing guard at Mitchell Elementary School in Dallas, is beloved by many in his community. He didn’t show up for work one day last week and everyone was worried. While out on a drive, Walker had gotten dehydrated and lost his way… More Here

“Refuse to Fight Small Battles with Petty People, Your Life is Bigger and Better Than That.”


Via: Amy Rees Anderson

My thoughts today are about petty people, mean people, and those who facilitate their bad behavior.

All of us have dealt with them before, those people who are petty, mean, and selfish.  They are those people who are focused only on themselves, their wants, their hurts, and their problems.  The petty ones can be found parading their “poor me” attitude in an attempt to garner pity and attention from those around them; and the mean ones can be found using dishonest and manipulative behavior to try and paint themselves in the better light with the hopes of making others around them look worse.  The petty people tend to be consummate victims; the mean people tend to be incredibly insecure; and both seem to always have justifications handy to excuse their inappropriate behaviors.

There is no such thing as petty or mean person who is happy with themselves; rather they would be described as insecure, jealous, angry, envious, spiteful, and in constant need of attention.  They are never satisfied or grateful for what they have, rather they focus their entire attention on everything they don’t have, and they try and tear down anyone else who truly is happy in their lives.   Both are one thing and one thing only – TOXIC!

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Hammerhead Harvey – Update

Just wanted to share a few more photos with y’all. We are hoping to hear from an insurance adjuster today to arrange a meeting time on Thursday or Friday.

Fingers X’d

Our Friend Snapped This One With Her iPhone

…And This One With Her Canon T3 Rebel

Screen Capture From A Youtube Video

When attempting to reach FEMA a moment ago, the wait time was 136 minutes. Wow!

Hammerhead Harvey

So much destruction, devastation, and despair. Luckily we were intelligent enough to get the heck out of there before it made landfall. I’m certainly glad we didn’t stay there in our RV; as it is now laying on its side. Could you imagine laying in bed as it went over? Boy Howdy… that would not be my idea of anything close to fun.

I happened across a YouTube video (Talk about finding a needle in a haystack) that gave us the indication of our trailers current status. Our RV park is at a 100% loss. It’s been featured on numerous news outlets as well as other digital media sites. What an absolute bummer; to be sure. I can only hope that all of those involved in this enormous mess find moments of peace and comfort in such the tragedy.

Red arrows outlining our RV on its side. There’s even one completely upside down among this mess 😦

Below is the YT Video from which I captured the screenshot above. Our park is featured from 2:25 to 2:38 –

We are currently safe (not so sure about sound) in Kerrville, Texas 😉

What A Bunch Of Wussies

Those who hide their hideous hate-filled faces behind masks speaks in shameful volumes. What do these piss-poor examples of human beings have to hide? These sick folk are truly wishing for and welcoming a Civil War to be sure. Brainwashed jelly-brains will do anything; I suppose. I could only hope that they’d be a little more mindful of their grotesque intentions. Which leads me to wishing in one hand and shitting in the other. The end result seems to be that one of my hands is getting full of stank rather quickly. So much for wishful thinking.

And just for the record, my thoughts are completely based on utter disgust rather than anything to do with hatred. Hatred is far too easy and rather boring to me.